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 – Heather Z.

– Emily A.

Tammy is a wonderful instructor. She gave us a super workout and created a warm, fun environment. How cool to actually use the reformers — something new to me!  I really appreciate how the reformer works for each person, every shape and size. I also like using the whole body at once, making the workout efficient and challenging, or isolate as necessary. Tammy’s is an experienced instructor and I can see that she loves what she does.

I attended my first class and while it was challenging, I left feeling amazing. I've never done Pilates before and  it was better than I expected. Tammy made myself and my girlfriend feel so comfortable. She's an amazing instructor and I cannot wait to return next week!

– Michelle S.

Fantastic low intimidation in a at home environment. Dog therapy is an extra bonus!

Best teacher and experience!

— Debbie D.

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